Friday, September 20, 2013


I always wanted to be Brave and I wanted to teach my children that being Brave and having Faith. Was the way to live, survive, and stand for something. So I asked them in what way was I brave and have I taught you to be and what ways do you believe you are brave? My daughter said. Yes... By standing up for yourself and us & not careing what others think of you... She said she was brave because i taught her to do what was right and because she can lead and be an example. My youngest son said yes because you never let anything get in your way... And im brave because im growing up and learning to be strong i don't cry as much. And I stand up for my friends and brave cause i am.
You taught me to eldest son hasn't gotten back yet but i will post his answer... I hope that im teaching them just what they said to be brave and be themselves to be true to there character and to make them proud of who they are.   My oldest son said yes your brave you were brave enough to let me move with my dad half way across the us because you cared about what i wanted. you were brave rnough to want me happy even if you werent. Your brave because you care for and help people.
You taught me to do the same no matter what others say or think u taught me to do what was right and fair. 
And i know thats why you named me Justus... 
You honor what you stand for in my name abd just standing gor something takes a lot so yes mom you are brave in my to me.

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  1. w.o.w. this is beautiful! i love that your kids could even answer that question in clear and meaningful ways.. that says quite a bit about who you are as a woman and mother. that they can see YOU in the lessons you've taught them. GO GIRL!!