Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the boutique

the boutique

Missoni dress

Short cocktail dress
$705 -

Trollied Dolly nautical dress
$155 -

Print dress

Strapless chiffon dress
$55 -

AX Paris cocktail party dress
$24 -

H m dress
$23 -

Midi dress

Burberry tote

Vintage style handbag
$63 -

Vintage style handbag
$63 -

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meditate Me!!!

Here in this moment as I sit in position even before I've had my coffee as the sun rises I Give Thanks a close My eyes. Breathing In and Out smelling the fresh air Lightly scented calming candles or the scent of coffee being brewed from my kitchen. I am taken over being transformed as my Heart, mind, and spirit are opened. I,m taken by the hand of my father being lead into the real me in all my good, Bad and ugly(that part that know one cares to admit is there.) I am taken in from one breath and thought to another I'm am being elevated from one breath to another. I find that quiet spot I sit and rest on the cliff of forgiveness and acceptance turning the negatives into positives and the positives into realities. i am learning that perfect is found in Christ and I am Truly enough for whatever I am  Who ever I am and what needs and wants to be changed can be changed. Talking with my father having my questions answered and my heart being healed. I have become one with my spirit not being separated from the soul of me. Until I'm through examining and dissecting filling all the hurt with truth and honesty and all the mistakes with forgiveness and trust. and only then am i ready to walk the mountain calm enjoying its beauty and freshly blossomed blooms being kiss by my Father and counselor and sent about my day knowing that I Am equipped to handle all that comes my way because God puts no more on me than I can bare...And with him all things are possible. And that my ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy inside and out for myself and those who love me. I cant share with the world what I don't know exists for myself. I give Thanks and return to me refreshed and energized sometimes to shed tears I've held back but through shedding them I am strengthened and Blessed. So to all who have experienced that inner storm, sadness or depression. I would strongly advise meditation and prayer this is strictly my personal opinion though. All I know is through it I have experienced real growth and clarity in my spirit and life and this I just wanted to share.
Miracles and Blessings

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From This size.....
To This in months... Im getting there. On my way to loveing me....

Hi All... Its been a while since I posted  and so much has happened in my life well summer is here and school is out. I couldnt be happier to spend time with my kids I have recently found out that my oldest son j will not be spending the summer with us because of school however Ill see him soon even though Im missing him more and more each passing day. In Past post i talked about carving out time in my life for me and about focusing on makeing myself a happier person. Well this I have not done. I've ventured out a bit tried to pretty up my life on the surface tried to get out more. I thought i could focus on my career and try to do what I thought would get me excited and keep me motivated but it only backfired. I just ended up pissed off and depressed looking for what I wanted and wondering what the heck I was doing with my life. I began to try and help and volunteer doing so spiritual good for others and my soul. However I helped but i put so much focus on what i could do for others that i soon realized that my focus was lost and I was giving to everyone but myself. I soon broke down I've been sad, depressed, tired, happy, fake, sleep deprived and exercise crazy. so i gained fifty pounds and began to see myself new. I cant fake being happy anymore than I can fake living and breathing. I truly want happiness and self fulfillment. I have met some wonderful friends in this process and become a greater person involved in some wonderful groups. So socially my life has had a boost. But mentally a Physically I'm drained I Feel lost and thogh I know my life Has purpose I'm struggling to find a method to the madness of it. Today was a breaking point I  have a clear mind and a free flowing spirit. My children a nd husband are happy and healthy my health isssues are under control and my weight and size are going down. Last night I cried I cfried like my life was about to end I just wanted to get the sadness out into the open I wanted to be exposed after I spoke with my Friend and tried to explain why I was not happy . Im not happy because the love and energy i need to  focus on myself I give to everyone else I love hard and pray hard  so hard I have nothing left and I thought in doing this I would get what I needed in return and My heart was hurting because I allowed it to be hurt I gave and expected it to be given back. When I knew the expectations I had were unrealistic. No one can give you what you cant give you so im starting with this blog right here on this day in this hour. I love me and I dont care how it sounds I havent said it enough matter of fact no one has said it enough. I will continue to help, volunteer, share, love, and grow but not without giving all that I give to others to myself. I have said that I wanted another baby but now  I'm not so sure I'll have to pray on that a little more just as I'll be praying and meditateing on all the big decisions I must make. This is just the Begining and im excited about whats ahead... To Loveing Me!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look at em Now....

 Kam, Pryse and my nephew Kayden...
 My Prince Justy...
My other two Princesses Sierra and Brianna I didnt have then but they are mine as well
... He loved me even when my But was Hughe...

 Classic mommy style..

 My men...I be Lovin My Boys..
My beautiful Choclate Princesss...Look at those eyes..