Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've lost over 100lbs. My New way of eating

For the last year I've been running and walking in a regular basis I've include cardio and weight training. But the biggest change I've made is my eating... I started trying for my blood type which is O. I have been working hard in 2014 & hoping to continually share my process. I don't know what i weigh now because i only weigh myself every 3-4 months i started this journey @360lbs. Im a work in progress. But im happy and healthier my kids can put their arms around me when we hug. Im not sweating walking up 30 steps. As much as i put in comes out i want to be around and looking my version of healthy, sexy, & happily in love with who and what i am. Im eating healthier drinking more water with balanced meals and occasionally i partake in wine and fries but im not mad about it. Im trying to live my best life and eating food that's tasty and nutritious. While having my coffee and peace of mine.

                                        Xoxo Tiffany

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