Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little piece of Me...

Hello and Welcome to my blog a place where I can be me and share it with the world exactly the way I want to say it to the point with no excuses and no take backs. I am a 32 year old African American Woman. I am Married with three children of my own and five that I though i did not give birth to but claim as mine. I am a daughter and sister, a grandaughter,  and Girlscout troop Leader.Child of God and A friend to many. I would Love to live everyday like its my last but the truth is a lot of the time I am too busy. So I take my beaths in moments like when Im alone with God late at night and he whispers I love you daughter. Or in those early morning hours when Im alone with my cup of  pleasure otherwise known as coffee listening to his voice and the sounds of my children asleep and breathing as I pray for my eldest Son whos far away But close in my heart and always on my mind. On sunday morning while praiseing and giving Thanks or any morning for that matter. These are the moments when I feel I am truly living up to my potential and walking the path that Gods chosen for me. When I feel I can can claerly hear his voice and being lead in the right direction. Then as the Day goes on. Even though I seek to do His will I stumble...I am only Human. But I find myself  hopeing that I didnt offend anyone. Or weather or not Im being to hard on my In laws. I let out a curse and look into the eyes of my Loveing husband  who would never let a curse escape his lips. Sorry it just came out!...I say but really feel bad about it because I try so hard. I wake every morning Blessed to see another day and go to bed at night Thanking God we all made it through the day and asking him to protect us all night. My children Think Im crazy and know that they are My world my Husband and I just live in it. However I am always respectful and curtious and Pray for the world and the People in it daily. I treat others exactly thee way I want to be treated though I fall short on stamina and hours in the day my intent is always to do well and do better today than I did yesterday. These will be those stories I choose to share the ones that show the heart of me...Like I said befor the good the bad the beautiful and ugly. I Have struggled with depression all my life and God ha always been their to lead me out of troubled waters and now i have an even bigger issue I am 60 lbs overweight and trying to lose every bit of it not to be skinny but to be a Happpier, Healthier, Me.

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