Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meditate Me!!!

Here in this moment as I sit in position even before I've had my coffee as the sun rises I Give Thanks a close My eyes. Breathing In and Out smelling the fresh air Lightly scented calming candles or the scent of coffee being brewed from my kitchen. I am taken over being transformed as my Heart, mind, and spirit are opened. I,m taken by the hand of my father being lead into the real me in all my good, Bad and ugly(that part that know one cares to admit is there.) I am taken in from one breath and thought to another I'm am being elevated from one breath to another. I find that quiet spot I sit and rest on the cliff of forgiveness and acceptance turning the negatives into positives and the positives into realities. i am learning that perfect is found in Christ and I am Truly enough for whatever I am  Who ever I am and what needs and wants to be changed can be changed. Talking with my father having my questions answered and my heart being healed. I have become one with my spirit not being separated from the soul of me. Until I'm through examining and dissecting filling all the hurt with truth and honesty and all the mistakes with forgiveness and trust. and only then am i ready to walk the mountain calm enjoying its beauty and freshly blossomed blooms being kiss by my Father and counselor and sent about my day knowing that I Am equipped to handle all that comes my way because God puts no more on me than I can bare...And with him all things are possible. And that my ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy inside and out for myself and those who love me. I cant share with the world what I don't know exists for myself. I give Thanks and return to me refreshed and energized sometimes to shed tears I've held back but through shedding them I am strengthened and Blessed. So to all who have experienced that inner storm, sadness or depression. I would strongly advise meditation and prayer this is strictly my personal opinion though. All I know is through it I have experienced real growth and clarity in my spirit and life and this I just wanted to share.
Miracles and Blessings