Sunday, May 5, 2013

Letter to my 13 year old self!!!

As look back at this very short life that I've lived I think back especially when I see my children making decision living there lives blind, careful, happy and by Faith and trusting that we as adults will help guide them in the right direction. Without making them feel valued a capable of making their own decisions and choices. LOL! I remember feeling that way... Or thinking because my Parents were either to real or didn't comment at all. Don't get me wrong  they did there best I was secretive and worried I would be judged as I often felt I was being in the middle of seven children when I think back to the warnings I would give to my own self I shudder at the though that My children will have to live through some of these same let downs, hurdles and heartbreaks. Life has taught me so much but so much of it comes down to trusting who you are and we must first be able to recognize trust in order to be able to know what it is  or to be able to give it. And who in fact to not give and Bless with this special gift of TRUST! Moments in my life have been made and or devastated by the fact that I trusted the wrong People or the fact that I didn't trust Myself enough. Here is a letter to the Broken but Strong Girl I was then.

My Dearest Tiffany,

                               I write this letter with the hope that it will help you or someone else move on and move mountains just being who the are they are.


  1. i love this tiffany, and may in fact borrow this very idea (if you don't mind?). i've been struggling with some things lately, and i think that this would be a great exercise for me too. thanks!


    1. no problem i finished my letter a week after and it has helped. I hope you and the family are well.