Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learning That If I cant Be Real I cant be Me...

Hello 2013 !!!

                Hello world I'm looking so forward to this year I've come a long way and after the last year I'm hopeing and Praying to continue to be Happy Blessed and Healthy. I have lost and Gained a lot this year and have learned more than I ever imagined Lesson in strangest of places from the unlikeliest people and  Places. I continue to Pray meditate an keep A relationship with God. I love my Parents  Family and my Jobs. I am Finally Finding Balance  in my Life. I'm still a Lonely soul but I know I'm never alone. I've been called Sweet, Loving, selfish, and Mean all in the same sentence. I have been hurt and i have definitely hurt others.  I'm sure that none of it was intentional but when your being really honest the truth hurts. But I love you the same however this has not been well received. I have changed I have...And i want to be real  and real honest but there is a fine line between me being who I was and who I am now This will take time and if you love people the way you say things can be the difference in yes I understand what your saying and I don't think I can forgive you . You must be able to care enough to speak your truth in Love and anger and be smart enough to know the difference when it's someone you care about.  I have found out that i can be ugly and get ugly with the worst of them and that i can forgive but I hardly ever forget.  That I am know better than the disrespectful fool if I let His disrespect hurt or harm my love for my Friendships or the People we hurt in the crossfire. I now know when to walk away when its a fight I know i don't even want to win anymore and that knot in my stomach is the warning sign to get up and get going . I am learning to clear my heart and head and get rid of hurt, harm, and anger that will ruin me if I let it!  I am looking forward to the life I'm living the ups and downs the laughs and cries. I have been Blessed in so many ways now that I'm working through the worst of me I can get back to being The Best of Me. For myself and those who look to me for love and inspiration....I'm Looking Forward to This Brand new Kind of me... I can Honestly say at 34 I'm the closest I've ever been to being the happiest best me possible.

                                                                      Live Life and Drink Up!!!! 


  1. glad you're back!continue to be encouraged and seek the truth, for that will always free you. thanks for stopping my by place as well. i'll check in soon.

    be well

  2. Thank you so Much! That means more to me than you know. I'm trying my best to do better this was something I started to so that I could just have an outlet but It keeps getting buried because I let it well when we don't like something we change it right. Here WE Go!!!