Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've finally gotten back to Me!!!

Hello all! My first and last post was back in March and when I bagan on this Journey of discovering me I was overwhelmed and did'nt exactly know what I wanted or who I was at this point in life. For instance I'll be 33 tomorrow and I look in the mirror and I see a 50year old. Now there is nothing wrong with being fifty or looking like You are but I want to look like I'm 33. I want to look vivascious and healthy free hearted and wise at the same time sexy and smart. I know in my heart that Im alll these things inside but I can't get them to show up and show out. I was sick  and still am for the most part with a heart condition and frequent chest pains. Howver I'm healthy in Mind and physical body I just want to look it. So i am challengeing myself to become a better me. I Have finally gotten my business off the ground and feel as though its headed in the right direction. My children are safe , healthy, and Happy. My Husband is wonderful and I could'nt ask for a better person to share my ups and downs with on the friend front I have wonderful men and women in my life to tell me like it is. My Mom is the bestest friend I could have My Dad is great still kickin and doing Him!  My brothers and sister well their brothers and sisters there for me if and when I need them communiction could be better but the Love is stronge ( Our Mama taught us that) I'm on a mission to feel and look better with each passing day and I'll be posting pics so you can see the physical improvement as well. Because thats the hardest thing I've ever had to do but it must be done. i'll also be shareing my favorite scriptures and readings of inspration because theirs no renewed me without a renewed spirit. Recently i've joined the DFW photography club and Random acts of Kindness or RAC i hope to share these experiences with you as well. Mentoring and being mentored is also on the list I want and expect to live a full and fulfilled life. I am glad to be shareing this life withh whomever comes along for the ride. I am not perfect but I am Me ....Flaws and all. God Bless

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