Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Im 33!!!! Thank God... Now How can I undue all the damage I've done to this Blessing?

I've officialy been 33 for the last 48 hours and I'm stronger today than I was two days ago. I cant explain what goes on with me when I feel no one is listening to a word I have to say and I keep trying to explain to them this one simple fact. Being looked at as if I'm speaking in that charlie brown voiceWa wa wa wawahhwahh!!!! Well frankly Im tired of itr and just want to be listened to or just be told to shut up because I'm not paying you any attention. Anywho! that being said I'm over it. For now! My Birthday was great I spoke with all my sisters and brothers even got some great FB Happy Birthdays. Talked with My Dear LOveing Eldest most Handsome First Born In the Kingdome of TIFF.I woke up with a prayer and went to bed knowing that I was a Blessed Woman I have beautiful Healthy Kids whom I am very proud of and Glad to call my own. I am as healthy as I can be and I'm thankful for each breath I take. Wan't a big laugh? I was out with my younger sister on the morning of the 3rd. Feeling pretty good about turning 33. When this guy yells Hi Cuttie! to her as she is walking away then turns and looks at me I smile and say I dont think she heard you. He knods...as she comes out he says it again to her and proceeds to try and get her phone number mind you he is way too old to get numbers like a teen.Anyway I here Him say is that you're MOM in the car I am only 3 years older than she is! I thought to myself WOW!! I must really look old... I wanted  to cry. These are the reasons why I want to work on me. I've been told I lok 30 since I was 15 years old and when i was 28  was told I was 45. That was like a slap in the face because I was convinced I looked my age then. Turns out I was wrong not that I care weather people think Im older I just don't want to be mistaken for my sisters MOM. I want my children to want to be happy to have a nice looking MOM and not be embarrassed by frumpanista ME. I want to look as good and young as I feel on my best days.My Husband is three years younger than me and I get asked if Im his mom all the time that really hurts because I dont want it to change the way he sees me ( It has'nt however I don't want it too either) So Im starting with the weight and health the spiritual always comes first then all the other stuff like clothing hair teeth quality time with Me. I hope this does not sound conceited but its long overdue. i want to LOVE ME AT MY BEST and I want my Family to love me at it as well.I want to be the kind of lady my sons marry and that my daughter aspires to be and for just a minute I would Love for the MIL to look at me and say He picked right and not see all that she did'nt want for him I am posting picks so you can see what I working with not bad but it can always be better.

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