Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello all... Well just me...

Hello! its great to back blogging i,m working on my Photography web site . I'm excited and Happy about finally doing what i love still working at the Nursing . Yes its still a passion of mine and I love them both so much i dont know which one I like better all I know is that I'm walking in my true calling for a career. I have never been this happy with work. my husband and I are finally working on buying a house and I have started work on this body so that when god decides to bless us with a child I'll be ready a healthy for it. I'm not getting any younger so it needs to be worked on and thought out. I love all my clients and love the joy I get when I show them their final edited picks. I never imagined this much joy when my daddy gave me my first canon. I'm just glad he did. My kiddos are doing great all great report cards( Thank God!!!) so no groundings or punishments for slacking off. I'm glad I have kids that try to do whats right most of the time and when they don't I'm here to remind them. Tommorrow is a new day and I will never get today back but i was Blessed to have it Amen....I love my Family I love the current 226 pound me and I work daily on being better. Here is a great recipe for quinoia i hope i spelled that right salad.  i recently tried this at a health fair and it was amazeing so I'm shareing i hope you enjoy. Psalms 40:17 As for me, I am poor and needy;
                                                                   but the Lord takes thought for me.
                                                                   Though are my help and my deliverer;
                                                                    do not tarry, o my God!

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